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Local arrests for Dubuque Iowa entered into the Arrest Database in the last 7 days.
Angela BeckerSerrano
Lauren Bolnius
Matthew Brant
Donald Brown
Zachary Clefisch
Tyler Cruikshank
Edwin Cruz
Joshua Davis
Anthony Davis
Marrita Dye
Kalin Erickson
Justin Giacotto
Jessica Gibson
Blake Heiar
Cheryl Heiar
Chavez Hornedo
Terrel Ivory
Samuel Johnson
Kaitlyn Kulas
Joshua Kutzke
Jason Nichols
Casey Olmstead
Alex Rogers
Nicholas Rosenthal
Hamilton Sampson
Joel Schmidt
Mark Scholtes
Denise Sroka
Jacob Steele
Courtney Walsh
Erik Ziolkowski
This is a list of arrests, not convictions, and all arrestees are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty in a court of law.